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Tobin Dorn, vice president of footwear business at nike Greater China, admits that the brand will make new attempts at professional sports equipment. “At this stage, we are committed to applying the world’s top technologies to various products. Meanwhile,cheap air max real,our R & D laboratories Nature to find inspiration, and even the application of biomimicry. “He said that as one of the most important market in the world, nike China already has a complete professional sports product development laboratory, starting from this year will start a five-year product planning . Prior to this, Yao Weixiong, president of nike Greater China, once interviewed in an interview with the press. He emphasized that although the brand positioning sport is stylish, it does not mean neglecting the development of sports professional performance. “Sports and fashion are two mutually exclusive lines. Obviously, after the sweet taste in the field of fashion, nike now choose to taut another “line”, functional product line also hope to gain strong momentum. In fact, even though the current fashion trend, led by Adidas Originals, is sweeping through the consumer sports market, sportswear brands have also not neglected the development of functional products. Take Nike as an example. The sports giant brand spent 3.2 billion U.S. dollars in product research and development innovation in FY16, with R & D spending as high as 10.46% of sales. Looking at the international market, with brand innovation and product innovation are in between 5% to 10%. In July this year, 361 °, the third largest domestic market share brand, announced the opening of a research and development center for two years for the development of functional sports products. Local research is better Anta and Li Ning, also equipped with professional R & D laboratories. With the continuous improvement of the sports level and product requirements of mainstream consumer groups, R & D of sports brand betting is almost an unavoidable trend. Under the background of the industry, nike also has a new action – from this year to start a five-year product plan, and has set up in China professional sports product development laboratory. The brand did not disclose the details of the five-year plan, but nike seems confident, they stressed that the brand has a clear direction of development, optimistic about the great potential of China’s sports shoes consumer market. In the meantime, Tobin Dorn expressed his goal: “We are not content with success in one or two seasons, we want to have a place in professional sportswear, developing and manufacturing high-level sportswear Allegedly, in addition to running products, nike’s plan also covers tennis, golf and fitness and other fields. For sports brands, product science and technology research and innovation are mostly concentrated in sports shoes category. The reason is simple, footwear is considered the most important performance promoter of sports brands, Nike footwear sales accounted for 65% of the total. In stark contrast, Under Armor, a 20% -owned U.S. brand in tights technology, has had its performance in the long run unsteady.