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A new survey found that American sports giant Nike is losing its attractiveness to American teenagers as younger people are more fond of brands such as Vans and Supreme under the likes of the VF Group because the total spending of that age group Lower than last year. According to the “34th Survey of Adolescents ‘Parents’ Adoption Index” conducted every six months by Piper Jaffray, the overall spending of adolescents during the fall this year is down 4.4% from the same period of last air max 2018 online, The survey emphasizes 6,100 students covering 44 U.S. states Adolescent spending trends and brand preferences, Piper Jaffray said parents contribute 67% to adolescent spending, just below the long-term average of 68%, while food is the most important category for these adolescent pocket expenditures, with general spending Accounted for only 22% of the relative loss of apparel accounted for only 20% .With clothing brand preferences such as Vans and Supreme and other brands of street clothes, Nike-led sportswear tends to slow down, but there is no impact on sneakers part of these major brands Sales figures such as Nike, Ralph Lauren, Steve Madden, Ugg (Deckers), Fossil and Michael Kors all showed a decline, “said Erinn Murphy, senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray.” For the first time, we saw Nike as the consumer’s first choice Brand, the market share of its brand showed a decline, we have seen like Vans and Supreme street clothing brand win Momentum, which offset the trend of weakness of the sports brand preference phenomenon.In addition, adidas, Puma and New Balance and other brands have been trying to capture more young people tend to the 90s retro design brand preferences.The report also found , 23% of young people would rather buy from specialized retailers, a decrease of 3% from the same period of last year, and 49% of the age group are more and more like Amazon as their favorite shopping website. Compared with the previous year A 9% increase over the same period of last year.

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Tobin Dorn, vice president of footwear business at nike Greater China, admits that the brand will make new attempts at professional sports equipment. “At this stage, we are committed to applying the world’s top technologies to various products. Meanwhile,cheap air max real,our R & D laboratories Nature to find inspiration, and even the application of biomimicry. “He said that as one of the most important market in the world, nike China already has a complete professional sports product development laboratory, starting from this year will start a five-year product planning . Prior to this, Yao Weixiong, president of nike Greater China, once interviewed in an interview with the press. He emphasized that although the brand positioning sport is stylish, it does not mean neglecting the development of sports professional performance. “Sports and fashion are two mutually exclusive lines. Obviously, after the sweet taste in the field of fashion, nike now choose to taut another “line”, functional product line also hope to gain strong momentum. In fact, even though the current fashion trend, led by Adidas Originals, is sweeping through the consumer sports market, sportswear brands have also not neglected the development of functional products. Take Nike as an example. The sports giant brand spent 3.2 billion U.S. dollars in product research and development innovation in FY16, with R & D spending as high as 10.46% of sales. Looking at the international market, with brand innovation and product innovation are in between 5% to 10%. In July this year, 361 °, the third largest domestic market share brand, announced the opening of a research and development center for two years for the development of functional sports products. Local research is better Anta and Li Ning, also equipped with professional R & D laboratories. With the continuous improvement of the sports level and product requirements of mainstream consumer groups, R & D of sports brand betting is almost an unavoidable trend. Under the background of the industry, nike also has a new action – from this year to start a five-year product plan, and has set up in China professional sports product development laboratory. The brand did not disclose the details of the five-year plan, but nike seems confident, they stressed that the brand has a clear direction of development, optimistic about the great potential of China’s sports shoes consumer market. In the meantime, Tobin Dorn expressed his goal: “We are not content with success in one or two seasons, we want to have a place in professional sportswear, developing and manufacturing high-level sportswear Allegedly, in addition to running products, nike’s plan also covers tennis, golf and fitness and other fields. For sports brands, product science and technology research and innovation are mostly concentrated in sports shoes category. The reason is simple, footwear is considered the most important performance promoter of sports brands, Nike footwear sales accounted for 65% of the total. In stark contrast, Under Armor, a 20% -owned U.S. brand in tights technology, has had its performance in the long run unsteady.

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This pair of kan Ye designed by the limited edition shoes, was fried to 10,000 US dollars of astronomical, and this Yeezy masks on eBay’s bid is also up to 5,000 US dollars. Compared with the rush of fashion, the designer Wang Zhijun more willing to these limited edition masks as art projects, and to awaken people’s understanding of environmental air max 95 green, He hopes to respond to the impact of the environment on life in this simple and personal way, creating a fashion and environmental dialogue. This is the designer deity Wang Zhijun, as a native of Beijing boy, his mind is the most perfect Beijing is a small time talking about the white clouds, but now the environment has completely changed. He would like to use their own way to express the attitude of the environment, so think of using shoes into a mask. 34-year-old Wang Zhijun had worked in Puma and Saatchi & Saatchi advertising company, he also had the zodiac for his inspiration for a pair of Nike shoes, in the social network on the praise. It also inspired him to join in creating more practical things. “Yeezy mask gives a deep impression, which means that even the most basic things around can change life.” Wang Zhijun said that although the limited edition shoes do masks quite grandstanding, he still insisted on the beginning of environmental protection The Now, he has no need to split their own or friends of shoes, CNN and other media reports in Europe and the United States, Wang Zhijun also received a lot of manufacturers have also received a number of well-known cases, many well-known sports shoes brands such as Nike, Puma, A sense of the brand has become a publicity, even the watch brand Swatch also threw the olive branch of advertising cooperation. Footwear industry to the present, the traditional process to improve product comfort, the role of aesthetics have been very limited, and the existing footwear comfort and aesthetics have been basically meet the needs of the public, manufacturers in these areas for the competition Kung Fu, after the market will be mostly consumers “radish cabbage” type of choice balance, but not how much spray. Obviously, for the future in the future, seeking to break the shoe business people, it is time to find a new growth point. In recent years, domestic and foreign industry initiatives, intelligent manufacturing is their choice. In addition to being used to wear, shoes can add some additional features? This is the current part of the industry is thinking about the problem. In other words, upgrading the shoe to a wearable device may be a way out. Security is the first requirement. For the elderly, children and other vulnerable groups designed to protect the function of special goods are often the most easy access to the market.

Part of the elderly difficult to move, in the case of unattended once the fall, it is likely to be difficult to get up, or even life-threatening. To this end, Taiwan Yuanzhi University researchers in 2016 to develop a smart alarm can be automatic insoles. Insole contains a special sensor device, when the user fell to the ground, the device will be connected to the phone to send an alarm, so that the family members in time through the APP to understand the situation, return home to help the elderly.

The number of children can be considered the number one risk. Where the children go, perhaps by the shoes to give the answer. 2016, the domestic sporting goods giant Li Ning and Tencent to reach a cooperation, jointly launched with the positioning of intelligent children’s shoes. Such products from the appearance of ordinary shoes and no different, but built-in Bluetooth chip, and the guardian of the QQ binding, the location of the child can be real-time information to the guardian know. This low-cost, low-radiation chip can work in the absence of charging for more than six months, for the rapid growth of foot, frequent replacement of new shoes for children is enough.

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nike join hands NBA star Derek Ross again to China to open 2017 Ross China line. As the youngest MVP in NBA history, three times selected All-Star superstar, joined the league for nine years, Rose has a large number of loyal fans. Not long ago the transfer message, fully confirms Ross’s desire for victory, but also increased the fans for the Ross season performance nike air max 90 online, This time, China will take his latest D Rose8 boots to the two cities – Beijing and Shenyang, with the Chinese fans to interact. As the first stop of the Ross China line – Beijing, Rose came to the center of the miniature brand in the Wah Sing House adidas sports experience on the afternoon of August 31st. In the store, Ross first with eight fans to shoot the game interaction, the fans took Ross pass and imitate Rose iconic action shot. In order to express the love of Ross, live fans will also draw a Rose element of the D Rose8 boots donated Ross. After the interaction, Rose also took pictures with these lucky fans. Then, Ross also for 50 lucky fans signed pictures, and inspire them as Ross fans, whether it is on the pitch or struggle in life, do not forget the “war Italy is not extinguished,” the spirit of the Ross. Then Ross came to the media area to accept the media group visit. After the store, Ross moved to the Wah Sing House in the Huaxi Square and the basketball enthusiasts for intimate interaction. Many fans loyal fans came to the scene for the eyes of the basketball idol to help out, in which one after another of the MVP cries, the enthusiastic fans can not wait to usher in the NBA star Derek Ross. Activities on the scene to build a shoe evaluation area, before the arrival of Ross, has been 100 fans for the use of D Rose8 shoes evaluation, the fans through the skills of the Challenge form, for the D Rose8 grip, wear resistance, comfort and other multi-dimensional Evaluation. After the evaluation, D Rose8 super protection of the presence of fans received praise. In a brief exchange with the host for a long time, Ross personally participate in the skills of the Challenge of the shoe evaluation, to show fans D Rose8 combat combat capability, the speed of the young people ignited the scene of all the enthusiasm of the audience. Ross then came to the other side of the stadium, accepted the nike contracted grassroots players and tiger poet Wang Guanjun launched its double challenge, and the two were 1 to 1 singled out. Site score alternately lead the full interpretation of the so-called “war Italy is not out” the basketball spirit, singled out the hot atmosphere is detonated the audience. After some drastic competition, Rose presented the two players with autographed D Rose8 to encourage. At the end of Huaxi Square Wukesong adidas sports experience mini-brand center and sunken basketball court activities, Ross will also go to Beijing tomorrow to participate in school activities, the “war Italy does not put out” the spirit of the transfer to Beijing two Of the students. At this point, 2017nike Derrick Rose China officially opened in Beijing, after the end of the activities in Beijing, Ross will continue to set foot on the road to the “war Italy”, continue to write a “war” chapter.

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Customization is a growing trend, a mentality of attractors who are fashionable and sometimes referred to as “sports shoes” footwear enthusiasts. Nike is now offering limited enthusiasts the opportunity to try out new fast-form opportunities for customization. According to Engadget, Nike in New York’s Nike studio held a limited interview, called “manufacturer experience.”cheap air max mens,》Visitors can choose four possible graphics packages and several different color schemes to customize the upper part of the shoe. They can also enter custom text. And then the design projection to the customer wearing a blank on the sports shoes, showing the final appearance. After selecting the final design, it takes an hour or less to create the final product. Nike intends to eventually bring this experience to its retail stores, but Nike is not the only one to try the next generation of shoe design and manufacturing technology shoes brand. For example, Adidas in Germany in 2015 for the first time after the introduction of automated Speedfactory, began in the United States within the scope of automated production equipment Speedfactories, mainly composed of robots, each year can produce about 50,000 shoes, and can quickly convert the production of customized materials made of shoes , And respond to new design trends. And Under Armor has been in the UA Icon platform for the design of the field of custom innovation. The UA icon allows the site visitor to choose the style of the different footwear section, as well as upload the custom image to print the graphic for the shoe. The platform is customer-oriented, and a Under Armor has long been making B2B customers, such as universities, design team uniforms. While the technology demonstrated in the manufacturer’s experience event is currently limited to a shoe (Presto X), with the rise of technology, other features and customization options can make a significant change in footwear shopping. In an earlier online discussion this month, some RetailWire BrainTrust saw advanced customization as a form of retail business.
Prefeye CEO Cynthia Holcos said: “interesting, cool, really experience the shoppers like sports shoes.” Although custom is not any novice, but the idea of ​​the player playing the creator is custom new features, see Up Nike is investing in order to quickly perform, it will be young people to design their own shoes litmus test. The manufacturer’s movement may push the new company into custom space. “

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Adidas support for the North American race is not limited to the day of the game. In the weeks before the week to a few months, Adidas use the brand’s professional resources in the country held a series of official warm-up match and training activities. September 14 to 16, Adidas carrying AR (adidas runner) running platform landing at the Beijing National Convention Center,nike air max 90 ultra 2.0 flyknit white, debut Beijing Marathon EXPO, show its innovative technology, and professional coaches to share professional knowledge of running, sharing the choice of running shoes The At the same time, Adidas Run Lab again struck, showing the UltraBOOST excellent technology and its research and development, application of the legend. This year’s Beijing Marathon attracted about 30,000 runners, including the CCTV host, the six North runner Yu Jia; marathon lovers Jinyuan; network red people often bright; and to overcome physical disability, inspired the number Millions of well-known blind runners He Yajun. This year, Adidas and “always broadcast” platform, by Chang Xiaoliang live in the rear studio, the whole record in the Jia, Jinyuan and He Yajun’s battle and the Beijing marathon full broadcast. Running is one of the key categories in Adidas’ Strategy for “Greater China in 2020”. With the confidence of the Chinese running market doubled, Adidas in Chengdu in 2016 opened the world’s first Adidas run flagship store, then opened a second store in Shanghai, and plans to open more stores in the next few years. These running flagship stores offer a range of unique services such as Adidas running products and professional advice to create the best experience for running enthusiasts and professional runners who are committed to improving their athletic performance. Adidas latest UltraBOOST running shoes thanks to Adidas revolutionary Boost? Midsole technology superior performance, equipped with Stretch Web outsole, with a flexible knitted uppers to embed the soles of the latest double-density TORSION ® anti-torsion system to run More close to BOOST cushioning effect. This allows the heel and forefoot between the more independent movement, for the runners to provide excellent stability, running more smoothly. In addition to sponsoring the Beijing Marathon, Adidas is the official sponsor of the last three sessions of the Shanghai International Half Marathon. In addition, Adidas also supports a wide range of popular public sports activities, such as building an AR (adidas runner) platform to help runners more scientifically trained to achieve the best performance. In addition, Adidas is also effective in the use of social and digital media platform to help run the development of major cities in China, through the WeChat public number @adidasRunning link online and offline running circle, to help runners to establish contact, sharing experience. April 2015, Adidas opened in Shanghai Adidas Runbase West Bank base, which is China’s first open dedicated running place, with outdoor runways and treadmills, for the runners to provide world-class running experience.

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In 2013, Nike became the first batch of American industrial automation start-up Grabit customers. Now, four years later, this cooperation has entered a substantive stage. In August, Grabit began offering several vamps to the Nike plant, which is 20 times more labor-efficient and can be manufactured by an employee-supervised machine up to 600 per day, according to Bloomberg’s latest news. Double shoes. By the end of this year, about 10 units will be put into operation in factories in China and Mexico.air max 95 all green, Grabit robot technology, the earliest from the United States, California, Menlo Parker’s well-known non-profit Institute SRI. In 2013, Grabit came out to become a new company, its core technology is to study the use of electrostatic adsorption machine control items. At the beginning of the establishment, Grabit received $ 25 million in financing, investors in addition to sports giant Nike, but also include electronic products manufacturer Flex, garment manufacturers Esquel and South Korea’s Samsung and other companies.
Nike has said that the most complicated process in the manufacture of sports shoes is the combination of the upper – it consists of up to 40 pieces of material heating fusion composition, after processing without obvious traces of sewing, because the work beyond the mechanical control of the system Shoe flow, the past has been done by hand. Today, robots or will completely replace this work. Grabit’s upper assembly mechanical appearance is like an oversized sandwich machine, it is learned that it can automatically show the best way to stack the upper material, and the material stacked up. Subsequently, the platform with the electrostatic adsorption plate to take away the material, displacement to a semi-finished shoes and remove the electric field, the shoes into the correct configuration and into the hot press. Under normal circumstances, the artificial speed to complete the above process takes 10 to 20 minutes, while the robot only takes 50 to 75 seconds. 8 hours a day in the work, the machine can be completed 300 to 600 pairs of upper formation. However, this does not mean that the full mechanical work, each machine still needs an employee to supervise control.

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China’s many domestic industries are experiencing a “high-end” transformation, the relevant indicators also show that the domestic sports apparel market, consumers will be more emphasis on outstanding product differentiation and functionality. The domestic market,nike air max outlet greece, foreign brands lineup in the growing, creating a healthy competitive environment, not only will benefit domestic consumers, but also to promote the development of domestic brands progress. Domestic sports brand in 2016 after all the crashed, this year’s performance stunning. Li Ning Sports recently announced the interim results as of June 30, 2017. During the period, the Group’s revenue rose 11% over the same period, reaching RMB3,996 million. Operating profit increased 32% YoY to RMB202m. Li Ning said that Li Ning’s transitional task was close to 40%. In fact, the domestic sports brand boss is still the revenue has broken ten billion Anta. According to the latest operating data released by Anta, Anta brand orders for the fourth quarter of 2017 orders recorded a year-on-year increase in the number of units is the best for nearly four quarters. And Anta implementation of the multi-brand strategy is different from the main brand “Li Ning” Li Ning Group still occupy 99.2% of the total revenue, and 12% growth to become the driving force of the hero. In contrast, FILA-based multi-brand in Anta’s income accounted for more than 20%. Li Ning is currently trying to revitalize the multi-brand plan, the famous New York women’s dance apparel brand Danskin in the bag to develop the women’s sports market. In addition, the children’s clothing market has become the object of Li Ning, this year, Li Ning announced the withdrawal of Li Ning KIDS authorized, launched self-brand Li Ning YOUNG, the first half of 2017, Li Ning YOUNG in 14 provinces nationwide has opened about 20 points of sale. The industry believes that the huge sports industry chain ignited the enthusiasm of multi-channel capital, yet to be developed a huge market capacity attracted a lot of business contend for each other, whether it is Anta, special step, or Li Ning, the local sports brand through the capital to find new Increase the point, a widening gap between the major sports brands have been launched between the major. And those who have a scale, a good profit forecast and mature business model of the sports brand, will also show in the future more development and imagination. Analysis of the industry that Adidas in the past year has been eroding the Nike market, it is better than Nike to seize the popular trend. In the product, Adidas launched Boost series in short supply; in marketing, and Nike, Adidas spokesman for the extensive use of stars rather than athletes. In China, Adidas selected spokesmen include Wu Yifan, Fan Bingbing, etc., in the star effect, these fans can be transformed into potential consumers.

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With the accelerated pace of football in recent years, football shoes inevitably in the same direction: lightweight. Different characteristics of the previous series of shoes more and more similar to the speed and control between the difference has not been so big before. As we have predicted before, adidas (Adidas) today released its two new series of soccer shoes: ACE and X, respectively, for the control of players and speed players design, up to 1499 yuan, May 26 in the day Cat open appointment, July 1 officially listed. In addition, in June in the Champions League final in Berlin,cheap nike air max black, we will see some players feet ACE15 and X15 debut, ACE series for the control of the player design. Some players are born leaders, they do not need to charge forward, do not fly blocking the gun eye, but with their own elegant control of the team control the rhythm of the team, so that the whole team has a degree of relaxation, the offensive and defensive combing in good order, as Ozil , J Luo, Oscar, Rakitic and others do. ACE series with Adidas unique “CONTROL WEB” Skynet, made by the engineering 3D materials, coupled with the new design of the spike in the ball when the ball can increase the contact area, which brought the top control The In addition, three layers of compounds and Adi famous EVA material to ensure a good touch, the upper bump design also plays a role in increasing the buffer and friction, it can be said ACE15 set falcon and adipure the advantages of a.
While others will never be willing to be controlled by the other side, they are the killer on the pitch, born rebellious, to break the rhythm of each other and students. When the other side thinks that the situation has been dominated by the manufacturers, they tend to come from the crowd unexpectedly from the crowd, sacrificed a fatal blow, the other party to establish the order to smash, let the situation back to chaos. Thomas Muller, Bell, Suarez, Benzema and Moratta are such players, they can always come forward at a critical moment, to become the team’s hero. X series using sub-design, TECHFIT shoes to bring a good sense of parcel, ultra-light X-CLAW soles, as well as the speed of the player-specific X-CAGE and comfortable and protected X-SKIN fabric, you can let Players in the rapid emergency stop, high-speed break more brisk. All the design elements add up, showing that the X15 is likely to be the successor to the F50 and Berserker.

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NIKE PRO HYPERCOOL MAX training pants Nike Pro Hypercool Max men training pants from the ultra-light Dri-FIT Max fabric, metal film distributed in the form of graphics in the knee and tibia, these parts are most vulnerable to solar heating rays. Tight pants at the back of the breathable mesh can enhance the sweaty parts of the air flow. For more information on Nike running and Nike Women’s training pants or want to buy Nike Tights series, this year, Nike once again into the traditional design and technology, and used in the classic products. Special products in the Nike Air Flightposite Exposed and Lunar Force 1 in a sophisticated, elegant way to create, heel and tongue printed with “horse” text totem, showing the momentum of the full steam ahead; and Destroyer Jacket in the details of the deal Excellence. The product highlights the “horse” elements and festive atmosphere, showing a new interpretation of the Lunar New Year.
This time, Nike Sportswear also launched a group of girls exclusive shoes, a total of Hechun. The choice of shoes both 12 years ago to build the first Lunar New Year shoes Nike Air Force 1, but also welcomed the popular female Air Max 1 and Dunk Sky Hi. Since the beginning of 2002, the concept of Nike Lunar New Year to design special shoes to celebrate the Chinese traditional Lunar New Year, this tradition continues today. The annual value of the year, the second anniversary of the launch of the Nike Year of the Horse special products, and thus open the Nike Zodiac full range of the second cycle. Dutch designer Joost Goudriaan around a lot of friends are fanatical running shoes collectors. Their beloved collections are often well-sealed in a well-controlled indoor temperature, few will come up with to share with air max 90 all black sale, Goudriaan is curious, these running shoes will be in the Valentine’s Day powder to send their partner what gift? So he whim, with different flavors of chocolate authentic reproduction of the classic NIKE air max 1. Speaking of what the most popular equipment, I believe 90% of people will say wearable equipment. This fall Apple conference, Cook will be the new color of the Apple Watch can not wait to show the immediate. In fact, early in the wearable equipment fledgling, when a smart hardware has been popular, then this product is what? Nike + the word we may not unfamiliar, Nike sports enthusiasts for the provision of intelligent hardware, as long as Wear shoes with Nike + equipment on the soles of the feet. The history is recorded by the number of steps the user walks. This hardware, although greatly loved by sports enthusiasts, but to see more people, but few people buy Why is this? First Nike + limitations are relatively large, you must use the shoes with Nike + chips. Secondly, Nike + chip requires the user to charge regularly. Finally, is the price of Nike +, an ordinary Nike + shoes with the chip should be more than 2 thousand yuan, so that “luxury” consumption of people or in the minority. Having said that, you may have guessed what I’m going to say.