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Following the 2015 full-year revenue of 11.126 billion, becoming the first breakthrough billion sporting goods company, Nike Sports Goods Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Nike”) has submitted a great report card.
August 29, Nike released the first half of 2016 performance report. The report shows that as of June 30, 2016, Nike’s revenue 6.14 billion yuan, an increase of 20.2%, which is Nike interim earnings growth for three consecutive years over 20%. Meanwhile, gross margin Innovation,Up to 47.9%, gross profit was 2.94 billion yuan, profit attributable to shareholders of RMB 1.13 billion, up 17%, the figures are higher than other industry brands. With the Olympic Games to further enhance the Group’s Nike brand value for the Group’s future sustainable development
Lay a solid foundation. In the just-concluded Olympic Games in Rio, the US sports delegation to 26 gold 18 silver 26 bronze medals ranking in the world, along with the Nike US Olympic athletes on the podium again and shiny globe. As the United States Olympic Committee and representatives of the United States Sports。Strategic Partners group, Nike to “go for broke” as the theme,cheap air max hyperfuse, the American Legion encourage a whole new generation of American power display on Rio stadium. Around the “go for broke” topic, Nike not only the implementation of “online + offline” marketing perspective, but also cater to young people

Interests and information contact manner, so that fast, accurate and relentless real-time marketing, to design to copy pictures from, all the pursuit of a strong visual effect and contagious text. It is the world’s leading research group Ipsos Rio Olympic sponsorship effectiveness research showsNike Olympic marketing to enhance brand reputation 17%. In the capital market, Nike is the market value rose during the Olympics billion. Nike Chairman of the Board and CEO Ding Shizhong said: “Significance of Olympic marketing is to raise brand awareness and influence, which is long-term the benefits of. From 2009 Nike and the United States Olympic Committee cooperation so far has been seven years, Nike’s sales increased from 40 million now to more than 100 million investment in the past confirmed to be very effective. ”

Cooperation from 2009 with the United States Olympic Committee, successfully renewed in 2012, Nike has experienced Vancouver Winter Olympics, London Olympics, Sochi Winter Olympics, the Asian Games in Incheon, the Rio Olympic Games and many other major international events, in seven years of cooperation with the United States Olympic Committee Nike itself has undergone tremendous change – to become the first sporting goods industry to become the first breakthrough billion sporting goods company, brand reputation and loyalty greatly enhanced, professional product properties greatly enhanced, the more experienced team increasingly rich, the report was Shows, Nike successfully implemented the “single focus, multi-brand, all-channel” business strategy has always focused sports shoes and apparel market by Nike, Nike child, FILA, FILA KIDS, DESCENTE (Descente) and NBA of Brands covering different retail canal Road, including street stalls, shopping malls, department stores, outlets and e-commerce, in order to meet the individual needs of different consumers. Nike through different brands of precise positioning, to achieve synergistic complementary effects to consolidate its gain an advantage in the market competition. Nike products Professional brand focused on the mass market, provide cost-effective professional products for the overwhelming majority of consumers; Nike Children Child Focus mass market, is committed to children aged 3 to 14 with a comfortable and protective products; FILA sports market positioning in the high-end fashion for consumers Bring a unique fashion experience movement; DESCENTE targeted at high-end professional sports market, to provide consumers with skiing, jogging comprehensive training and other specialized products.

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At the same time, and nike air max 95 similar to the new football shoes Tiempo Legend VI uses almost no tongue design. In the new shoes, Nike also introduced a new external TPU heel for better stability, also printed above the words “Tiempo”. TPU outsole of the shoe and the current generation of the legendary outsole 5 is similar to the design of spikes and also little difference. By convention, Nike Tiempo Legend 6 will launch FG, SG and AG version. Nike Tiempo Legend VI soccer shoes will retail for 210 dollars, and will be available in mid-December 2015. The new Nike MagistaX Finale indoor soccer shoes and TF venue upcoming launch in October 2015. Nike MagistaX Finale is the first soccer shoes Nike Magista low to help small field version. In February 2015, Nike launched the Nike air max 95 through indoor and TF version of the Nike Magista Obra introduced small games. Nike MagistaX Finale soccer shoes are finally help low version Magita into 5-a-side game. Although the new Nike MagistaX Finale soccer shoes Nike Magista Opus is based on a large soccer shoes, these shoes for little soccer introduced a unique set of technologies. The shoes with leather uppers and traditional low-cut design to provide unmatched ball control performance. Leather uppers are sewn MagistaX honeycomb texture vamp 9700. It is unique characteristics MagistaX Nike soccer shoes.

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Perhaps by then the generation Hypervenom all black and Academy Pack sell large impact, Nike Academy Pack to actually decide then fried, but this strategy never before seen. The next generation of Nike MagistaX Finale football boot Nike’s high-tech small field soccer shoes pass control system brings a unique look. The second generation of the upcoming soccer shoes Nike air max 95, launched in July 2016. Combines volt yellow, orange, and completely black and blue, a new generation of Nike MagistaX Finale way color is used in order to stand out a unique gradient effect. The same design and Nike Magista Obra II starting color. The next generation of Nike MagistaX Finale football boot uses a mesh material and covers NikeSkin to provide better ball control, but it also uses the tongue-free design. The shoes with low to help the traditional design, unparalleled comfort and ball wearing effect. Nike MagistaX Finale II football shoe features Lularlon in the end, while the two versions of soy sauce IC and TF. The retail price will be $ 100 shoes.Black / pink Nike Mercurial air max 95 for the next generation of soccer shoes Nike air max 95 brings a low-key appearance. As the new Nike Stealth Pack “ghosts” series, black pink soccer shoes Nike Mercurial Superfly V upcoming July 2016 launch.

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Electro Flare color effects in the upper nike air max 95 to launch five different color combinations, which are: “Silver / Red” and “Blue / purple”, “red / gold”, “gold / green” and “blue silver / gold” . Designed specifically for the small field and nike air max 95 indoor soccer shoes with iconic dynamic fit collar, fly with NikeSkin woven uppers and outsole designed for indoor venues and TF developed. Retail use NikeID custom nike air max 95 Proximo a split color series is 190 dollars, which is $ 40 higher than the regular version. The new nike air max 95 2016 women’s soccer shoes using the traditional colors of black, white, dark gray with bright red details, the shoe will be released in January 2016. April 1, 2015, the eve of the Women’s World Cup 2015 Nike released the first women’s football series. Bay blue binding and yellow volts, so that the series became an instant classic design. Women air max 95 paragraph color to black uppers combined into the store dark gray honeycomb structure, while with red laces and Swoosh logo, so this shoe instant clever lot. Technically used to say, this pair of women’s soccer and men’s soccer shoes the same version. Designed for creative organizers and design, nike air max 95 combines Kangalite, NikeSkin and ACC all-weather ball-handling skills, together with a honeycomb structure to provide the ultimate effect of the ball.

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After reading vamp, look at the dynamic fit collar changes. It should be said turnover compared to the upper material, collar little change. Flyknit woven material is still flying, still will provide sock-like fit. But let us shines, is present in the C-collar than the foot of the kind of shoes used in the current air max 95 of the collar is much lower. Of course, we also know C Luo custom models Mercurial Superfly IV has always been on the use of the lower collar design, but since it is kind of shoes, we suspect that probably the new generation of air max 95 height will be reduced across the board. Think of a higher collar of air max 95recently came air max 95, it seems Nike,air max 95 two old foes in the height of the collar will eventually join forces. In addition, a new generation of air max 95 also introduced a new external TPU heel and outsole design. This kind of shoes is the first use of an external heel TPU Mercurial since launch in 2008 air max 95 design, which will lead to better stability and leg locks. However, because the figure seems to see the foot of the C Luo right kind of shoes only external TPU is very obvious, and the left does not seem to see the traces of external TPU, we may guess at this stage, Nike is still in test two design differences and advantages and disadvantages, and C Lo also points to wear two different designs to be experience.

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Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 324K Gold soccer shoes discovered a new “Celebration” to celebrate Flag:Amazing Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 324K Gold soccer shoes now more and more cool. From C Lo himself the last few games training photos, we noticed his foot customized version of the Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 324K Gold on a soccer shoe Nike did not appear on the official pictures of the small details. Last week the launch of Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 324K Gold aims to celebrate C Lo Real Madrid has become the top scorer in the history of the shoe will be a limited release in January next year. It seems from the photos, this will also be the first printed new “Celebration” to celebrate the mark CR7 exclusive football shoes. In the 2014 Nike Mercurial Superfly IV conference, Nike also uses a similar logo, the logo design is based on that time heroic C Luo goal celebration when. The new C-mark will appear only on the left foot, right foot and is famous CR7 logo.The new logo and also the world-famous “Qiaodan Fei” and similar trademarks can see this fresh element in the growing of C Luo exclusive series, it all themselves.

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CR7’s enormous brand strength – which is also evident in the field of sports shoes, Nike Free Mercurial Superfly is Nike FC athlete-inspired design of the first product – which we are not surprised, after all C Lo himself created many first item. Then a shot from outside the stadium in the world to assists various affirmative – Honorable C Luo have not just the sports field and various record he constantly challenged and broken. Radiant Nike Free Mercurial Superfly is the perfect combination of fashion and performance breakthrough products. Nike Mercurial Superfly C Lo officially released exclusive “wild beauty” soccer shoes: Today, the concern of the new Nike Mercurial Superfly C Lo exclusive “Savage Beauty” (wild beauty) soccer shoes has finally officially launched. Before the printing has been called the shoes “magma” color, it is an exclusive C-series brings a unique design. To form C Lo hometown Madeira volcano inspired the shoe upper magma pattern is “one of Nike soccer shoes uppers designed the most intricate patterns.” “Madeira forever in my heart “Ronaldo said.” I am glad to represent my hometown appeared in the world arena. this feels really great. “The new Nike Mercurial Superfly C Lo exclusive “wild beauty” soccer shoes combine black main color and a very unique

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Smooth, flexible and elegant, roots have demonstrated their highest level. Hana Asano is a talented photographer, he is born for football, he is in the race with the artist’s vision we caught iconic moments. February 2016 will be launched grape purple Nike Magista Obra soccer shoes will bring amazing look for the series. Purple / Silver Nike Magista Obra soccer shoes to Mario Goetze, Tiago Silva and David Luiz, who endorsement. Nike will also launch the same color to help low Magista Opus soccer shoes, the shoe is more suitable for those who prefer the traditional low-cut shoes soccer players such as Andre Yinneisita, Thibaut Courtois and Sergio Busquets et al. Color is purple grapes Magista series has one of the most eye-catching color far, the shoes with purple flying woven uppers and dynamic fit collar, shoes Swoosh logo on both sides of a metal silver, and a honeycomb structure on the upper and it was part of the blue-green outsole. Nike Magista Obra soccer shoes before starting the 2014 World Cup. Before locking a good fit and dynamic stability break their own collar name of the first fly through a unique weave structure and bring the upper, it has been considered to be discontinued Nike CTR360 soccer shoes successor.

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Designed for full offensive scorer designed Nike Hypervenom Phinish leather edition football shoes to help low-top version is Hypervneom leather version of the Phantom II. The shoe uppers combined with fly line and kangaroo leather material to deliver the ultimate lock and comfort, while the ACC all-weather ball technology is to ensure the performance of the shoe the ball in all weather conditions.The new “gold canvas / volt yellow” color Hypervenom Phinish II football shoe leather version was released November 10, 2015, the retail price of 225 dollars. Nike released “Canvas Gold / volt yellow” skin color version Magista Opus soccer shoes: The new “gold canvas / volt yellow” skin color version of soccer shoes for Nike Magista Opus Series brings a bold design. And November 10, 2015 release of “Canvas Gold / volt yellow” color edition Nike Magista Opus leather soccer shoes in the forefoot of the foot using a high-grade kangaroo leather material. August 2015, Nike launched its first full-kangaroo leather soccer shoes, Tech Craft Pack scientific and technological ingenuity family of Nike’s three synthetic material configured soccer shoes kangaroo leather uppers, but also for Nike Tiempo Legend V brought the same color family. The new “gold canvas / volt yellow” color Magista Opus soccer shoes with the eye-catching front and rear halves of the design. Followed by the use of Nike’s iconic yellow volts, while the forefoot feet of the surface was covered with canvas golden kangaroo leather.

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“Tiempo Legend 6 soccer shoes is a modern classic,” De? Menggefeiye concluded that “existing innovation process will be closely Tiempo series of shoes material and unique beauty of this pair of shoes through.” We do not need to wait any longer! – Nike released a new generation of Nike Tiempo Legend VI: long-awaited new soccer shoes Nike Tiempo Legend VI official debut today. The new Nike Tiempo Legend VI soccer shoes by Boateng, Ramos, Pique and Andrea Pirlo, who led the endorsement. When the end of April 2015, the Carvajal had to wear blacked-out camouflage shoes like Nike Tiempo Legend VI, after the various details of the new shoes are also constantly being exposed. Thus, the long wait is finally over and speculation, let us take a closer look at the Nike Tiempo Legend VI official information. The new Pure Platinum Nike Tiempo Legend VI soccer shoe combines pure platinum (Pure Platinum), and black all-red (Total Crimson), brought a classic look fresh and modern color for this pair of traditional soccer shoes. Nike Tiempo Legend VI starting color reminds us of the time when the popular Nike Total 90 Laser football shoes. The latter half of pure platinum NIke Tiempo Legend VI soccer shoes with huge black Swoosh logo in orange outline details, there is a small Swoosh logo on the insole.