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2015 launch of Nike MercurialX Proximo soccer shoe designed for fast-paced games and small design, it is revolutionary Nike Mercurial Superfly football shoes indoor, street and TF version. Dark navy blue Nike Mercurial 2016 soccer shoes color is very subversive, it dark navy blue color, the dynamic fit on the collar with some blue on the upper NikeSkin also accompanied by a number of blue . Swoosh logo on the upper impact with bold pink outline, so unique color and design for the small field. The shoe midsole is white, while the outsole is using amazing transition from pink to orange gradient design. And sections of the same color before, dark navy blue Nike MercurialX Proximo soccer shoes to Nike Mercurial Superfly IV unparalleled style and performance into a small farm into. Fly line midfoot provides better stability, and a unique pattern on both sides of the ball is improved performance. As FootballX exclusive color, dark navy blue / pink Nike MercurialX Proximo impact of soccer shoes will sell for $ 150. Nike released the winter edition Air Max 1: Nike Air Max 1 for often large hook dumped charm people, it should be able to stand the test of time classic.

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Hypervenom Proximo fully consider the applicability of a small football field. Durable uppers covered with spots icon latest, with the competent potholes site spikes, for the players to provide an irresistible trend gallop. Nike launched MercurialX Proximo “Safari Pack” black / bright mango soccer shoes: Nike shoes continued in a small field soccer field attack, the new design also to the 1987 Tinker Hatfield designed to ostrich-inspired tribute to the Air Safari – – this is the first pair of Nike sneakers using this design. Nike MercurialX Proximo “Safari Pack” (Wildlife Series) The ostrich lines color dimming, This is quite similar to Mercurial Vapor “black / volt yellow / dark” color of the Superfly III CR7 soccer shoes. The “bright mango” color then outlines the Swoosh logo, also used on the Phylon midsole cushioning material, which is designed for winter street design, simple but sharp. Nike MercurialX Proximo design from the Mercurial Superfly IV, it added in a thin layer of Phylon at midsole cushioning material to ensure not too thick soles, but also provides better comfort and lower shoes weight. At the toe of the shoe uses Nike Grind rubber to cope with common street football in a variety of high wear action.

In this photo, the inside of the foot of a small football shoes have a new change. We really do not know how this naming feet shoes, it has Hypervenom Phinish poison front appearance (even fly lines are clearly visible), with Mercurial VaporX vamp (cheated it, the fly line is printed up! ), there is a part of Phantom II do not know or Superfly IV of dynamic fit collar. May be called Super Premium “thorn front” of it. October 2015 Neymar started wearing disguise Hypervenom Phinish of Mercurial VaporX soccer shoes. It now appears that this pair of Nike Neymar has joined camouflage version VaporX fly high to help weave collar, successfully disguised the VaporX Hypervenom Phinish after upgrading it would Hypervenom Phantom II. Such modeling has been made within less closer chief endorsement Nike Hypervenom Phantom II soccer shoes he was wearing camouflage than the current version. White / black Nike MercurialX soccer shoes spy: white / black Nike MercurialX Proximo Mercurial Superfly football shoes for the small field version brings the traditional color, the shoe will be launched in April 2016.This pair of spring and summer next year to launch a small field of soccer shoes abandoned the usual brilliant colors while using only two colors black and white, so that the color became an instant classic.

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This allows the site of the big toe is slightly higher, increasing flexibility. Of course, the introduction of these fancy words in the final analysis, these shoes fit really fantastic. Perhaps another so that the shoe is very comfortable place for a new outsole. The outsole from the outset, very flexible, and can also meet the natural curve of the foot. Meanwhile, compared to its predecessor, the new outsole for a lighter. These shoes really surprises ah. Ibrahimovic, Azar … Who Vapor XI have no place in the tournament? Given Vapor X’s success, Vapor XI widespread in the contest should be said that no wonder. However, XI still has its own unique, but also more lightweight. Vapor has been so strong, but this does not affect the joy it brings. First, Vapor XI is covered most vamp Rib lines. From the sense of touch it is very interesting, but the ball effect, the performance of Rib technology is good. Nike’s design is that these Rib area (the upper black area) which consists of a road a few millimeters above the upper lines, which aims to provide better dribble in high-speed movement. However, the actual test, although we do feel good to the touch, but the Vapor X does not seem bad.

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In fact, this spy unclear, but we still can see the new shoes and low cut version, as in the whole body of the shoe is covered with a unique groove design, while adding a dynamic fit black collar , the top collar dotted with red circle. Although the pattern on the upper seemingly no law at all, but in fact it is a Brazilian designer Bruno Biggar larger version designed pattern, the design reflects Neymar football motto “Ousadia e Alegria”, that is, “courage and happiness”, which is the origin of the name of these shoes. In Bruno Biggar exclusive style heart-shaped drawing and fists, also appears on the insole. The same pattern also appears in the upcoming year series of clothing on sale. Technically speaking, the same Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Ousadia e Alegria Neymar soccer shoes and other exclusive Phantom II color. It combines NikeSkin vamp, dynamic fit collar and outsole Smart inherited from the first generation of Hypervenom. Nike’s official website can be seen from the screenshot, this pair Neymar exclusive Hypervenom Phantom II Ousadia e Alegria soccer shoes will be available from January 31, 2016.This pair of shoes and click spy enters Nike Football App home page, also shows the shoe through Nike Football App starter.

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Both have adopted a low-key color gradient effect, but its meaning is very profound, because these sneakers design is very different from the traditional sports shoes, it can make the ball field football fans their favorite soccer shoe styles brought normal life, comfortable and have a unique style hook. The figure is a red / black color, the color while maintaining the traditional upper uneven effect, also selected the very strong contrast colors. Gymnastics red and black with gray and white Nike Swoosh logo places red clever emerge on the outside of sneakers. The following figure is a gray / navy blue color, the “Grey Wolves” and “dark blue” color upper low tone, but the same effect, although Smart, on the bottom littered with white lattice pattern, and compared with white outsole with tendon colors. Yes, the end of tendon, classic. So shine color tease people’s nerves, to attract people’s attention. Such color combination has not only dedicated football stadium, so when not only on weekends 15:00 kick-off whistle sounded you will not see this design anywhere, anytime, wearing Nike Air Footscape Magista, your Party He began. Of course, in addition to beautiful, very comfortable shoes.

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Into the new technology will become the sixth generation Tiempo leather boots another landmark product, by reducing leather upper trace Nike will bring you more gratifying experience. Nike launched NikeLab Tiempo Vetta QS:In Nike Tiempo ’94 as a design prototype, NikeLab created a new Tiempo Vetta QS. Tiempo Vetta QS product includes a black “Black & Vachetta Tan” and red “Team Red & Vachetta Tan”, with a pure leather shoe uppers and toe portion retains the essence of the ’94 Classic and tongue, but the upper change to help in the design. Nike launched white Free Hypervenom II FS sports shoes: Nike launched the cleanest white color Free Hypervenom 2 football fashion sneakers. The soccer shoe design philosophy transplanted to the fashion sneakers process is like a maze as challenging and dead ends, but in 2015, Nike has created a successful and Magista Footscape Free Hypervenom II, two perfect blend of fashion and football in one product. In order to highlight the white color of the product, Nike used “Triple White” this concept, with spotless to describe will not be excessive, simply perfect. Nike launched Magista Obra football shoes purple grape color: the Nike Magista Obra fruit color represented, Nike launched a new series for this season’s professional players dress in the spring, replacing a dark winter series.

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At the same time, it also uses feet shoes Nike ACC all-weather ball-handling skills. On the outsole this double Nike Magista Obra 2016 European Cup soccer shoes black and yellow is mainly used in cylindrical spikes, to bring flexible steering. Red / yellow Nike Magista Obra 2016 European Cup match colors between 2016 and June will be launched, the retail price will be 275 dollars. Inspired by Nike running shoes soccer shoes Nike Magista pushed with “socks” include Ultra Boost, Yeezy series including Adidas since last year launched a number of blockbuster casual shoes. Nike knows, those engraved Air Jordan has allowed people fatigued, the US sports brand in the market needs to have more action. March 3, this action came. After several days of warm-up, Beijing time 8:00 that night, Nike LunarEpic Flyknit running shoes worldwide release. As you can see, these shoes shape different from other shoes on the market, using a revolutionary high shoes collar. Interestingly, Nike LunarEpic Flyknit original design inspired by one pair of soccer shoes Nike Magista.18 months ago, according to sports enthusiasts of soccer shoes for Nike Magista feedback – the shoes will be lower leg, ankle and foot connected to a unified whole, the idea of one pair of Nike designers began a similar running shoes, as well as enhance the natural motion smooth pace.

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Including the debut of the innovative Zoom Mercurial Flyknit, and Free Mercurial Flyknit, Air Footscape Magista, Air Force 1. It is reported that the series will be held June 11 in succession on sale, but the most impressive Zoom Mercurial Flyknit will debut on June 18. Riboud shoes Nike Free Mercurial Superfly white debut: a pair of shoes to spend long summer is clearly not enough, because you need at least a pair of shoes to rotate it! To this end, Nike launched the all-white Nike Free Mercurial Superfly, white shoes popular, also with heat resistance of the popular Nike Free Mercurial Superfly pace this summer! Nike’s success in football shoes captured a large number of loyal fans, for these people, there is no reason not to enjoy this queen white Nike Free Mercurial Superfly. Pure white throughout, but Flyknit woven material delicate texture, Free outsole decorated with ink, and rosy red arrow sign followed by the presentation of visual hierarchy brings exquisite experience under cool background. Nike Free Mercurial Superfly follows Flykint create a dynamic high shoes collar, perfect fit your ankle above the site, and get your foot to the leg portion of more integration. On foot effect is eye-catching, unique fashion philosophy is undoubtedly declared the best single product!

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First-generation drug-feng in 2013 turned out, when its upper with synthetic material is called a NikeSkin of. The nature of this material is the use of soft mesh material combined with a polyurethane film, cheap air max 95 this mesh material to make shoes with extraordinary comfort and feel. Because the players are hoping to have a pair as close to the feeling of playing barefoot shoes, NikeSikn use of mesh to make this vision a step closer. In addition uppers also joined the Nike ACC SCIENCE (All Conditions Control technology, ACC). ACC to ensure that science and technology, whether in wet or dry conditions, soccer shoes, soccer has the same control. After two years of precipitation, Nike put them in the use of new technology on the drug front II, the Superfly IV highly successful Flykint dynamic fit collar and mature Flywire fly line technologies. It can change so let poison Feng II becomes very awkward, and ultimately return NikeSkin fabric under pressure. Feng II poison vamp biggest drawbacks is hard, thick, inflexible and comfortable, which is the direct cause of it being eliminated. Since everyone NikeSkin still obsessed, then there is no need to go to develop new vamp.