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2015 launch of Nike MercurialX Proximo soccer shoe designed for fast-paced games and small design, it is revolutionary Nike Mercurial Superfly football shoes indoor, street and TF version. Dark navy blue Nike Mercurial 2016 soccer shoes color is very subversive, it dark navy blue color, the dynamic fit on the collar with some blue on the upper NikeSkin also accompanied by a number of blue . Swoosh logo on the upper impact with bold pink outline, so unique color and design for the small field. The shoe midsole is white, while the outsole is using amazing transition from pink to orange gradient design. And sections of the same color before, dark navy blue Nike MercurialX Proximo soccer shoes to Nike Mercurial Superfly IV unparalleled style and performance into a small farm into. Fly line midfoot provides better stability, and a unique pattern on both sides of the ball is improved performance. As FootballX exclusive color, dark navy blue / pink Nike MercurialX Proximo impact of soccer shoes will sell for $ 150. Nike released the winter edition Air Max 1: Nike Air Max 1 for often large hook dumped charm people, it should be able to stand the test of time classic.

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This allows the site of the big toe is slightly higher, increasing flexibility. Of course, the introduction of these fancy words in the final analysis, these shoes fit really fantastic. Perhaps another so that the shoe is very comfortable place for a new outsole. The outsole from the outset, very flexible, and can also meet the natural curve of the foot. Meanwhile, compared to its predecessor, the new outsole for a lighter. These shoes really surprises ah. Ibrahimovic, Azar … Who Vapor XI have no place in the tournament? Given Vapor X’s success, Vapor XI widespread in the contest should be said that no wonder. However, XI still has its own unique, but also more lightweight. Vapor has been so strong, but this does not affect the joy it brings. First, Vapor XI is covered most vamp Rib lines. From the sense of touch it is very interesting, but the ball effect, the performance of Rib technology is good. Nike’s design is that these Rib area (the upper black area) which consists of a road a few millimeters above the upper lines, which aims to provide better dribble in high-speed movement. However, the actual test, although we do feel good to the touch, but the Vapor X does not seem bad.

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In fact, this spy unclear, but we still can see the new shoes and low cut version, as in the whole body of the shoe is covered with a unique groove design, while adding a dynamic fit black collar , the top collar dotted with red circle. Although the pattern on the upper seemingly no law at all, but in fact it is a Brazilian designer Bruno Biggar larger version designed pattern, the design reflects Neymar football motto “Ousadia e Alegria”, that is, “courage and happiness”, which is the origin of the name of these shoes. In Bruno Biggar exclusive style heart-shaped drawing and fists, also appears on the insole. The same pattern also appears in the upcoming year series of clothing on sale. Technically speaking, the same Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Ousadia e Alegria Neymar soccer shoes and other exclusive Phantom II color. It combines NikeSkin vamp, dynamic fit collar and outsole Smart inherited from the first generation of Hypervenom. Nike’s official website can be seen from the screenshot, this pair Neymar exclusive Hypervenom Phantom II Ousadia e Alegria soccer shoes will be available from January 31, 2016.This pair of shoes and click spy enters Nike Football App home page, also shows the shoe through Nike Football App starter.

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“Air Jordan V very symbolic and fighter shark tooth pattern on the upper.” Nathan Vanhook Nike senior design director of football, “said Neymar wearing Hypervenom II will feature more modern render this out, so we are actually captures took different elements and combine them together. “Air Jordan V’s no reflection on the tongue tongue Hypervenom soccer shoes have been re-interpreted, this reflective design is boldly applied to the shoes Swoosh logo. Meanwhile, Neymar version of Air Jordan V low-cut vamp throughout its complete demonstration of such reflective properties. Neymar shoes are left outside of the national team jersey number “10”, under the requirements of Neymar, outside of his right foot shoes were printed with the number “23” in order to Michael? Jordan tribute. These two figures are two players to their jersey numbers used in font rendering it. On the insole and boxes are printed with Air Jordan and Neymar series logo, the heel area is individually printed with “night” patterns. Air Jordan shoes iconic cement prints and “night” logo is remodeled in Hypervenom soccer shoe soles. Laces is Neymar son’s initials “DL” and Brazilian flag pattern.”Michael? Jordan as ‘great’ set the standard,” Neymar said. “He is an incredible opponent, he is champion. I have always admired him, so to work with him and his logo imprinted on my shoes on for me means a lot. “

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Rough heel represents C Lo 12-year-old in such a small age to leave home alone to face the storm hard, and gradually smooth upper represents the history of C Luo began to rule the world. Careful observation, on the heels of Nike added a decorative shining “CR7” logo, so that the whole product show extra special feeling. CR7 series has obviously will be the world’s best collections of football, if it can be successfully completed 7 design, then CR7 will be the world’s greatest and most perfect products. New shoes Terry played 700 games for Chelsea commemorative special edition: Chelsea legend John Terry on Saturday against Everton in the FA Cup game wearing a pair of special edition Nike Magista Opus soccer shoes, Terry first times for Chelsea appearances or October 28, 1998, when the opponent is Aston Villa. Although Chelsea lost the game and toffee, the famous defender after the game still shows his sneakers as well as for his first 700 games played and specially Blues captain’s armband. Terry’s 700 field commemorative special edition football shoes and wolf gray Nike Magista Opus soccer shoes almost identical, but in the heel of the printed Chelsea and Everton teams logo, while underneath Qi Erxi flag also has 700 words .

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Players can also show custom ID Juan Kunte Luo Nike Tiempo football boots: Colombian midfielder Juan Kunte Luo currently plays for French club Rennes, against the US team’s Olympic qualifying, he scored the Colombian State Austria (U23) the only goal, his feet wore, a pair of yellow Nike Tiempo Legend football shoes. Combines the main color of yellow and light blue, orange and white details, Juan, this double Nike Teimpo Legend by NikeID customize and fit the Colombian famous home jersey color. His shoes also have a light gray and black outsole trademark. In addition to color outside, this is a pair of ordinary modern classic Nike football shoes. Nike Tiempo Legend VI uses a high-grade super soft Kangaroo leather upper and a new supporting framework, a better feel, comfort and stability. Blue Diamond Release Nike Mercurial X Proximo blue soccer shoes: Nike seems to have launched a large-scale facelift product C Luo career second chapter of “natural diamond” color work.Mercurial Superfly Mercurial Vapor soccer shoes and soccer shoes C Luo opened the second chapter of his career “natural color” of available activities, and now Nike has been satisfied with the new color appears only in a standard football field, small field products also started work facelift , MercurialX first when one becomes pioneer, perhaps too soon when you wait for the bus will be surprised to find that the next person is wearing it.

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Last week, Valdivia has been put on white and red color of Hypervenom Phantom Camo Pack- That is what the British flag colors. The Mercurial Superlfy color comes from the Portuguese flag, for us, every time Portugal and Superfly combination of both, I can think of only one person. We can not predict when C Ronaldo will wear camouflage version of Superfly, because only recently the President of Romania feet Natural Diamond Edition personalized color, but we will wait and see. Midfielder choice: Magista Obra: Nike launched their new camouflage series, will be its four series of football shoes covered with a thick military colors. Presented here is the midfielder choice: Magista Obra. The new Nike Magista Obra Camo Pack for the playmaker put on camouflage disguise them into covert activities, which double master tactician dedicated soccer shoes has its own unique texture. Who said football shoe design is just a joke? Football shoes camouflage attire gives extreme fashion coat, at the same time there are some amazing designs slightest shine. The new Nike Football Camo Pack also came FootballX series, that series will also come to the streets of camouflage and indoor football. Nike will not miss any piece of the market.

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Nike sneakers after Carey launched in 2014 to sell well. In December 2015, they launched the second generation Carey sneakers (Nike Kyrie 2). This generation of shoes every two months will be the introduction of some new colors and themes. Before this donut theme shoes, they also introduced a red velvet cake Carey shoes.
From the color point of view, on the use of the Krispy Kreme brand’s main color – green, white and red. Shoes or good looking, a little fresh. Marketing ways and past basketball shoes are not the same. They leave their shoes packed in the packaging box of donuts, donuts with the movement of vehicles to sell, rather than in-store sales. However, consumers can buy the Nike official website that a shoe, cheap air max,priced at 165 dollars. This car will sell donuts way in several places in the northeastern US, including Baltimore, Cleveland and New York Manhattan and Brooklyn). Every place on the sale of part of the limited edition shoes. And past Carey sneakers, they allow advertising agency R / GA is the special shoes took an ad. Carey commercials in a major role in selling Meng. Currently Nike sneakers series stars including Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and LeBron James basketball shoe Nike signature athlete lineup. However, currently sold in the market is the best Curry Under Armour shoes. According to ESPN and Morgan Stanley data, several major players in the shoes series sales rankings are as follows: removal of LeBron James, sales Curry sneakers faster than Durant, and Bryant Carey sum of money. Curry now so popular, it is no wonder Nike children to work harder on the other players to sell the shoes. Fortunately, there are Nike Jordan Brand Air Jordan, 2014 Nian brand’s sales of around $ 2.4 billion, accounting for 58% of the nation’s basketball shoes share. Nike’s five-year plan announced last year, they hope to Jordan after five years sales to reach $ 4.5 billion. Nike released a week can automatically tie his shoes. The sneakers will be on sale later this year, and Nike hope that with this technology in an increasingly competitive athletic footwear market to seize the initiative. The HyperAdapt Trainer 1.0 sneaker named sensors integrated in the heel, sneakers can be adjusted to suit the user’s foot size. Two side buttons to help users control the elastic lace. The sneakers will be on sale in 2016 holiday season, and Nike sneakers, this has not been determined price. The sneakers need batteries, which developed after several years of time. Last week, Nike in New York two days of new products and new technology launch event demonstrated this sneakers. In addition, Nike also launched a new application that provides sports and shopping features. Nike spokesman said, HyperAdapt sneakers designed with neutral wind, a charge takes 3 hours per charge and can be used for about two weeks. Last fall, Nike announced a business development goals, namely 2020 revenues of $ 50 billion. Among them, direct user-oriented sales will account for more than 1/3, about 1/5 higher than in 2015.