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Nike sneakers after Carey launched in 2014 to sell well. In December 2015, they launched the second generation Carey sneakers (Nike Kyrie 2). This generation of shoes every two months will be the introduction of some new colors and themes. Before this donut theme shoes, they also introduced a red velvet cake Carey shoes.
From the color point of view, on the use of the Krispy Kreme brand’s main color – green, white and red. Shoes or good looking, a little fresh. Marketing ways and past basketball shoes are not the same. They leave their shoes packed in the packaging box of donuts, donuts with the movement of vehicles to sell, rather than in-store sales. However, consumers can buy the Nike official website that a shoe, cheap air max,priced at 165 dollars. This car will sell donuts way in several places in the northeastern US, including Baltimore, Cleveland and New York Manhattan and Brooklyn). Every place on the sale of part of the limited edition shoes. And past Carey sneakers, they allow advertising agency R / GA is the special shoes took an ad. Carey commercials in a major role in selling Meng. Currently Nike sneakers series stars including Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and LeBron James basketball shoe Nike signature athlete lineup. However, currently sold in the market is the best Curry Under Armour shoes. According to ESPN and Morgan Stanley data, several major players in the shoes series sales rankings are as follows: removal of LeBron James, sales Curry sneakers faster than Durant, and Bryant Carey sum of money. Curry now so popular, it is no wonder Nike children to work harder on the other players to sell the shoes. Fortunately, there are Nike Jordan Brand Air Jordan, 2014 Nian brand’s sales of around $ 2.4 billion, accounting for 58% of the nation’s basketball shoes share. Nike’s five-year plan announced last year, they hope to Jordan after five years sales to reach $ 4.5 billion. Nike released a week can automatically tie his shoes. The sneakers will be on sale later this year, and Nike hope that with this technology in an increasingly competitive athletic footwear market to seize the initiative. The HyperAdapt Trainer 1.0 sneaker named sensors integrated in the heel, sneakers can be adjusted to suit the user’s foot size. Two side buttons to help users control the elastic lace. The sneakers will be on sale in 2016 holiday season, and Nike sneakers, this has not been determined price. The sneakers need batteries, which developed after several years of time. Last week, Nike in New York two days of new products and new technology launch event demonstrated this sneakers. In addition, Nike also launched a new application that provides sports and shopping features. Nike spokesman said, HyperAdapt sneakers designed with neutral wind, a charge takes 3 hours per charge and can be used for about two weeks. Last fall, Nike announced a business development goals, namely 2020 revenues of $ 50 billion. Among them, direct user-oriented sales will account for more than 1/3, about 1/5 higher than in 2015.