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China’s many domestic industries are experiencing a “high-end” transformation, the relevant indicators also show that the domestic sports apparel market, consumers will be more emphasis on outstanding product differentiation and functionality. The domestic market,nike air max outlet greece, foreign brands lineup in the growing, creating a healthy competitive environment, not only will benefit domestic consumers, but also to promote the development of domestic brands progress. Domestic sports brand in 2016 after all the crashed, this year’s performance stunning. Li Ning Sports recently announced the interim results as of June 30, 2017. During the period, the Group’s revenue rose 11% over the same period, reaching RMB3,996 million. Operating profit increased 32% YoY to RMB202m. Li Ning said that Li Ning’s transitional task was close to 40%. In fact, the domestic sports brand boss is still the revenue has broken ten billion Anta. According to the latest operating data released by Anta, Anta brand orders for the fourth quarter of 2017 orders recorded a year-on-year increase in the number of units is the best for nearly four quarters. And Anta implementation of the multi-brand strategy is different from the main brand “Li Ning” Li Ning Group still occupy 99.2% of the total revenue, and 12% growth to become the driving force of the hero. In contrast, FILA-based multi-brand in Anta’s income accounted for more than 20%. Li Ning is currently trying to revitalize the multi-brand plan, the famous New York women’s dance apparel brand Danskin in the bag to develop the women’s sports market. In addition, the children’s clothing market has become the object of Li Ning, this year, Li Ning announced the withdrawal of Li Ning KIDS authorized, launched self-brand Li Ning YOUNG, the first half of 2017, Li Ning YOUNG in 14 provinces nationwide has opened about 20 points of sale. The industry believes that the huge sports industry chain ignited the enthusiasm of multi-channel capital, yet to be developed a huge market capacity attracted a lot of business contend for each other, whether it is Anta, special step, or Li Ning, the local sports brand through the capital to find new Increase the point, a widening gap between the major sports brands have been launched between the major. And those who have a scale, a good profit forecast and mature business model of the sports brand, will also show in the future more development and imagination. Analysis of the industry that Adidas in the past year has been eroding the Nike market, it is better than Nike to seize the popular trend. In the product, Adidas launched Boost series in short supply; in marketing, and Nike, Adidas spokesman for the extensive use of stars rather than athletes. In China, Adidas selected spokesmen include Wu Yifan, Fan Bingbing, etc., in the star effect, these fans can be transformed into potential consumers.