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In 2013, Nike became the first batch of American industrial automation start-up Grabit customers. Now, four years later, this cooperation has entered a substantive stage. In August, Grabit began offering several vamps to the Nike plant, which is 20 times more labor-efficient and can be manufactured by an employee-supervised machine up to 600 per day, according to Bloomberg’s latest news. Double shoes. By the end of this year, about 10 units will be put into operation in factories in China and Mexico.air max 95 all green, Grabit robot technology, the earliest from the United States, California, Menlo Parker’s well-known non-profit Institute SRI. In 2013, Grabit came out to become a new company, its core technology is to study the use of electrostatic adsorption machine control items. At the beginning of the establishment, Grabit received $ 25 million in financing, investors in addition to sports giant Nike, but also include electronic products manufacturer Flex, garment manufacturers Esquel and South Korea’s Samsung and other companies.
Nike has said that the most complicated process in the manufacture of sports shoes is the combination of the upper – it consists of up to 40 pieces of material heating fusion composition, after processing without obvious traces of sewing, because the work beyond the mechanical control of the system Shoe flow, the past has been done by hand. Today, robots or will completely replace this work. Grabit’s upper assembly mechanical appearance is like an oversized sandwich machine, it is learned that it can automatically show the best way to stack the upper material, and the material stacked up. Subsequently, the platform with the electrostatic adsorption plate to take away the material, displacement to a semi-finished shoes and remove the electric field, the shoes into the correct configuration and into the hot press. Under normal circumstances, the artificial speed to complete the above process takes 10 to 20 minutes, while the robot only takes 50 to 75 seconds. 8 hours a day in the work, the machine can be completed 300 to 600 pairs of upper formation. However, this does not mean that the full mechanical work, each machine still needs an employee to supervise control.