In this photo, the inside of the foot of a small football shoes have a new change. We really do not know how this naming feet shoes, it has Hypervenom Phinish poison front appearance (even fly lines are clearly visible), with Mercurial VaporX vamp (cheated it, the fly line is printed up! ), there is a part of Phantom II do not know or Superfly IV of dynamic fit collar. May be called Super Premium “thorn front” of it. October 2015 Neymar started wearing disguise Hypervenom Phinish of Mercurial VaporX soccer shoes. It now appears that this pair of Nike Neymar has joined camouflage version VaporX fly high to help weave collar, successfully disguised the VaporX Hypervenom Phinish after upgrading it would Hypervenom Phantom II. Such modeling has been made within less closer chief endorsement Nike Hypervenom Phantom II soccer shoes he was wearing camouflage than the current version. White / black Nike MercurialX soccer shoes spy: white / black Nike MercurialX Proximo Mercurial Superfly football shoes for the small field version brings the traditional color, the shoe will be launched in April 2016.This pair of spring and summer next year to launch a small field of soccer shoes abandoned the usual brilliant colors while using only two colors black and white, so that the color became an instant classic.

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Last week, Valdivia has been put on white and red color of Hypervenom Phantom Camo Pack- That is what the British flag colors. The Mercurial Superlfy color comes from the Portuguese flag, for us, every time Portugal and Superfly combination of both, I can think of only one person. We can not predict when C Ronaldo will wear camouflage version of Superfly, because only recently the President of Romania feet Natural Diamond Edition personalized color, but we will wait and see. Midfielder choice: Magista Obra: Nike launched their new camouflage series, will be its four series of football shoes covered with a thick military colors. Presented here is the midfielder choice: Magista Obra. The new Nike Magista Obra Camo Pack for the playmaker put on camouflage disguise them into covert activities, which double master tactician dedicated soccer shoes has its own unique texture. Who said football shoe design is just a joke? Football shoes camouflage attire gives extreme fashion coat, at the same time there are some amazing designs slightest shine. The new Nike Football Camo Pack also came FootballX series, that series will also come to the streets of camouflage and indoor football. Nike will not miss any piece of the market.