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Customization is a growing trend, a mentality of attractors who are fashionable and sometimes referred to as “sports shoes” footwear enthusiasts. Nike is now offering limited enthusiasts the opportunity to try out new fast-form opportunities for customization. According to Engadget, Nike in New York’s Nike studio held a limited interview, called “manufacturer experience.”cheap air max mens,》Visitors can choose four possible graphics packages and several different color schemes to customize the upper part of the shoe. They can also enter custom text. And then the design projection to the customer wearing a blank on the sports shoes, showing the final appearance. After selecting the final design, it takes an hour or less to create the final product. Nike intends to eventually bring this experience to its retail stores, but Nike is not the only one to try the next generation of shoe design and manufacturing technology shoes brand. For example, Adidas in Germany in 2015 for the first time after the introduction of automated Speedfactory, began in the United States within the scope of automated production equipment Speedfactories, mainly composed of robots, each year can produce about 50,000 shoes, and can quickly convert the production of customized materials made of shoes , And respond to new design trends. And Under Armor has been in the UA Icon platform for the design of the field of custom innovation. The UA icon allows the site visitor to choose the style of the different footwear section, as well as upload the custom image to print the graphic for the shoe. The platform is customer-oriented, and a Under Armor has long been making B2B customers, such as universities, design team uniforms. While the technology demonstrated in the manufacturer’s experience event is currently limited to a shoe (Presto X), with the rise of technology, other features and customization options can make a significant change in footwear shopping. In an earlier online discussion this month, some RetailWire BrainTrust saw advanced customization as a form of retail business.
Prefeye CEO Cynthia Holcos said: “interesting, cool, really experience the shoppers like sports shoes.” Although custom is not any novice, but the idea of ​​the player playing the creator is custom new features, see Up Nike is investing in order to quickly perform, it will be young people to design their own shoes litmus test. The manufacturer’s movement may push the new company into custom space. “