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Perhaps by then the generation Hypervenom all black and Academy Pack sell large impact, Nike Academy Pack to actually decide then fried, but this strategy never before seen. The next generation of Nike MagistaX Finale football boot Nike’s high-tech small field soccer shoes pass control system brings a unique look. The second generation of the upcoming soccer shoes Nike air max 95, launched in July 2016. Combines volt yellow, orange, and completely black and blue, a new generation of Nike MagistaX Finale way color is used in order to stand out a unique gradient effect. The same design and Nike Magista Obra II starting color. The next generation of Nike MagistaX Finale football boot uses a mesh material and covers NikeSkin to provide better ball control, but it also uses the tongue-free design. The shoes with low to help the traditional design, unparalleled comfort and ball wearing effect. Nike MagistaX Finale II football shoe features Lularlon in the end, while the two versions of soy sauce IC and TF. The retail price will be $ 100 shoes.Black / pink Nike Mercurial air max 95 for the next generation of soccer shoes Nike air max 95 brings a low-key appearance. As the new Nike Stealth Pack “ghosts” series, black pink soccer shoes Nike Mercurial Superfly V upcoming July 2016 launch.

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This allows the site of the big toe is slightly higher, increasing flexibility. Of course, the introduction of these fancy words in the final analysis, these shoes fit really fantastic. Perhaps another so that the shoe is very comfortable place for a new outsole. The outsole from the outset, very flexible, and can also meet the natural curve of the foot. Meanwhile, compared to its predecessor, the new outsole for a lighter. These shoes really surprises ah. Ibrahimovic, Azar … Who Vapor XI have no place in the tournament? Given Vapor X’s success, Vapor XI widespread in the contest should be said that no wonder. However, XI still has its own unique, but also more lightweight. Vapor has been so strong, but this does not affect the joy it brings. First, Vapor XI is covered most vamp Rib lines. From the sense of touch it is very interesting, but the ball effect, the performance of Rib technology is good. Nike’s design is that these Rib area (the upper black area) which consists of a road a few millimeters above the upper lines, which aims to provide better dribble in high-speed movement. However, the actual test, although we do feel good to the touch, but the Vapor X does not seem bad.