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First-generation drug-feng in 2013 turned out, when its upper with synthetic material is called a NikeSkin of. The nature of this material is the use of soft mesh material combined with a polyurethane film, cheap air max 95 this mesh material to make shoes with extraordinary comfort and feel. Because the players are hoping to have a pair as close to the feeling of playing barefoot shoes, NikeSikn use of mesh to make this vision a step closer. In addition uppers also joined the Nike ACC SCIENCE (All Conditions Control technology, ACC). ACC to ensure that science and technology, whether in wet or dry conditions, soccer shoes, soccer has the same control. After two years of precipitation, Nike put them in the use of new technology on the drug front II, the Superfly IV highly successful Flykint dynamic fit collar and mature Flywire fly line technologies. It can change so let poison Feng II becomes very awkward, and ultimately return NikeSkin fabric under pressure. Feng II poison vamp biggest drawbacks is hard, thick, inflexible and comfortable, which is the direct cause of it being eliminated. Since everyone NikeSkin still obsessed, then there is no need to go to develop new vamp.