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Adidas support for the North American race is not limited to the day of the game. In the weeks before the week to a few months, Adidas use the brand’s professional resources in the country held a series of official warm-up match and training activities. September 14 to 16, Adidas carrying AR (adidas runner) running platform landing at the Beijing National Convention Center,nike air max 90 ultra 2.0 flyknit white, debut Beijing Marathon EXPO, show its innovative technology, and professional coaches to share professional knowledge of running, sharing the choice of running shoes The At the same time, Adidas Run Lab again struck, showing the UltraBOOST excellent technology and its research and development, application of the legend. This year’s Beijing Marathon attracted about 30,000 runners, including the CCTV host, the six North runner Yu Jia; marathon lovers Jinyuan; network red people often bright; and to overcome physical disability, inspired the number Millions of well-known blind runners He Yajun. This year, Adidas and “always broadcast” platform, by Chang Xiaoliang live in the rear studio, the whole record in the Jia, Jinyuan and He Yajun’s battle and the Beijing marathon full broadcast. Running is one of the key categories in Adidas’ Strategy for “Greater China in 2020”. With the confidence of the Chinese running market doubled, Adidas in Chengdu in 2016 opened the world’s first Adidas run flagship store, then opened a second store in Shanghai, and plans to open more stores in the next few years. These running flagship stores offer a range of unique services such as Adidas running products and professional advice to create the best experience for running enthusiasts and professional runners who are committed to improving their athletic performance. Adidas latest UltraBOOST running shoes thanks to Adidas revolutionary Boost? Midsole technology superior performance, equipped with Stretch Web outsole, with a flexible knitted uppers to embed the soles of the latest double-density TORSION ® anti-torsion system to run More close to BOOST cushioning effect. This allows the heel and forefoot between the more independent movement, for the runners to provide excellent stability, running more smoothly. In addition to sponsoring the Beijing Marathon, Adidas is the official sponsor of the last three sessions of the Shanghai International Half Marathon. In addition, Adidas also supports a wide range of popular public sports activities, such as building an AR (adidas runner) platform to help runners more scientifically trained to achieve the best performance. In addition, Adidas is also effective in the use of social and digital media platform to help run the development of major cities in China, through the WeChat public number @adidasRunning link online and offline running circle, to help runners to establish contact, sharing experience. April 2015, Adidas opened in Shanghai Adidas Runbase West Bank base, which is China’s first open dedicated running place, with outdoor runways and treadmills, for the runners to provide world-class running experience.